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Application Update!

We’re excited to announce the release of some major improvements to the look-and-feel of posts. Image thumbnails are now up to 60% larger. The “share” link on standard-style posts has been upgraded, and will now be translated to your local language. By popular request, the source: link has been removed.

Additionally, there are few changes to get ready for the launch of our premium add-ons. Scheduling options are located by clicking the clock icon at the top of each publishing plan. All post counts have been reset to zero, but from now on, more detailed logging will be available in the stats view.

If you don’t see these changes yet, they should appear on your dashboard in the next few days.

We’d love to hear your feedback! Feel free to drop us a line in our forum with any glowing praise, comments, or concerns. And keep checking the Facebook page for updates on our premium add-ons (coming soon!)

The RSS Graffiti Team

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Post Limit Updates and the Premium Optimize Package

Last week we announced we’ll be offering two new Premium Features and new posting limits. We received a lot of feedback, including ideas on how we can continue to improve RSS Graffiti and support our ongoing efforts. We’re happy to have such a thoughtful and supportive community of customers and we’re making changes based on your input. Thanks!

Understanding that the needs of a breaking news organization differ from those of an individual blogger, we wanted to introduce a post frequency option that works for everyone. That’s why in May we’ll be launching a post package called Broadcast. With Broadcast, all customers will receive up to 300 posts per month to each Facebook target page for FREE. For our higher volume publishers, we’ll be offering up to 2000 posts per Facebook target page for a flat monthly fee of $5. For ANY user that wants to post more than 2000 posts to a single page in a month, please give us a shout and we will make exceptions to this limit on a case-by-case basis. Just like before, there will be a 30-day grace period so the limits won’t kick in immediately (posting will continue to be unlimited until June).

Our goal is to offer as much flexibility as possible while enhancing overall Facebook engagement for all of our users. That said, we’re also be offering a new premium feature called Optimize.  The Optimize package is designed with strategic content marketers and publishers in mind, and will help customers learn what content is most effective as well as when it’s most likely to be consumed. Optimize provides analytics for ALL your Facebook content, not just content posted via RSS Graffiti.  Moreover, the Optimize package includes an advanced scheduling tool which allows you to plan precisely when to distribute content. Optimize provides an easy way for all publishers to actively improve the performance of their content. We’re going to offer Optimize for $50 per month, and will come with analytics and advanced scheduling for ALL of your publishing plans.

In our next post, we’ll provide more details on Optimize as well as our other premium feature designed for Breaking and Urgent News publishers.

Please keep sending us comments and ideas and follow our blog, Twitter and Facebook posts throughout April as we reveal more details, including the premium feature benefits and pricing options. If you have questions about the coming changes, please visit our Community Support Forum. Someone from our team is standing by, happy to address any concerns you might have.

The RSS Graffiti Team

Twitter: @rssgraffiti


Twitter Sources Are Being Disabled

In response to user feedback, Twitter sources will be disabled tomorrow, Tuesday 10/16, instead of today’s original deadline. In case you missed the announcement, RSS Graffiti can no longer publish tweets to Facebook due to Twitter’s new API restrictions. This only affects the <2% of users who’ve added Twitter as a publishing source.

Please understand the RSS Graffiti team is still very much dedicated to helping you streamline and automate your social presence, but Twitter’s new policy has left us no legal alternative but to disable this feature. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please drop us a line in our forum:


Application update!

Big update went out yesterday! This latest release included a number of improvements and bug fixes:

  • Live post preview is back! You can once again see how your posts will appear without actually publishing to your page.
  • Improved look-and-feel of standard style posts when viewed on mobile devices
  • Fixed iTunes podcast feeds not being published with correct links
  • Fixed issue where some URLs with multiple query parameters were being truncated
  • Fixed issue affecting users with multiple identically named targets
  • Fixed minor bug in the Twitter hashtag filter
  • Various backend performance optimizations

Also, some of you may have received an automated email from us regarding the expiration of RSS Graffiti’s publishing permissions. If you don’t access the RSS Graffiti dashboard for an extended period, the Facebook permission that lets us publish to your page can expire, and posting will cease until you revisit RSS Graffiti. All it takes for you to renew this permission is to open the publishing plan dashboard, so if you receive such an email from us, please don’t ignore it!

If you have any questions about any of these improvements, or the app in general, please open a thread in our community support forum. Remember to include the URL of the Facebook page you are publishing to, and someone from our team will be happy to assist. Thanks again for using RSS Graffiti!


RSS Graffiti scheduled maintenance

RSS Graffiti is going down for scheduled maintenance Thursday, 21 June 2012 00:00:00 UTC (7PM Wednesday US Central Time). The maintenance will take several hours, during which time the dashboard will be unavailable and all publishing plans will be paused. Once the maintenance is complete, any items not posted by RSS Graffiti during the downtime will start publishing to Facebook. If you have any questions about what to expect, please drop us a line in our support forum.


Recent Improvements & Bug Fixes

This past week we rolled out a number of bug fixes and improvements. Here’s a breakdown of recent changes:

  • We now support feeds that contain root-relative URLs (URLs which start with a /)
  • Resolved an issue with videos from certain feeds not being playable inside Facebook
  • The minimum image size for thumbnails has been lowered to 50 pixels. Previously, images had to be at least 59 pixels wide and 59 pixels tall to be attached as a thumbnail
  • In response to Facebook removing their embedded mp3 player, we no longer try to add audio attachments to posts. This fixed an issue with duplicate content appearing where the player used to be. (Fear not, podcasters! We’re working on an alternative way to post your audio)
  • Various other minor tweaks that improve app efficiency and broaden our support for uncommon feed types

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions, complaints, or praise, please drop us a line in our forum.


Facebook’s permission system is changing

Under a new Facebook policy, you must log into RSS Graffiti (or any other app) at least once every 60 days to renew its access to your profile and groups. Unless you visit the app at least this often, its authorization to publish to your profile and groups will expire. The good news is, our contact at Facebook has confirmed that access to pages can still be granted indefinitely, so if you only use RSS Graffiti to publish to pages, visit now and hit refresh to automatically grant RSS Graffiti a permanent access token. 

Please understand the security considerations that motivated this change in Facebook’s policies; the new rules will help protect accounts from unwanted intrusion by malicious 3rd party apps. For more info from Facebook regarding the deprecation of permanent permissions, see and if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about this new policy, please reach out to us via


Upgrade Complete

The RSS Graffiti 2.0 servers are now posting more than 20 pieces of content to Facebook every second. Pretty impressive, right? 
Aside from the shiny new UI, version 2.0 should behave almost exactly like 1.9 for the vast majority of users. If you think you’ve found a bug we missed, please let us know! When reporting an issue to our community support forum be sure to mention any errors displayed in your RSS Graffiti activity log, accessed via the bar graph icon at the top right of each publishing plan. Until we integrate version 2.0 into the Facebook application canvas (our next priority), your RSS Graffiti settings can be configured off-site at
The RSS Graffiti team truly appreciates the support from everyone who has given us feedback during the upgrade process. The best is yet to come!


Here we go!

As promised, RSS Graffiti 2.0 is now available to everyone. To upgrade your account, visit and click OK!

IMPORTANT: After you upgrade, any permissions errors shown on the 1.9 application canvas can be safely ignored. Your feeds will be configurable at until after the upgrade is complete for all users.

ALSO IMPORTANT: The support docs are currently inaccessible. If you need assistance, please open a thread in our community support forum.